We are committed to assisting our clients and employees with any questions. If you need assistance, please see our contact information below to get in touch with the department that best suits your needs.


To be considered for one of our open positions, please email your resume to resumes@mmcgrp.com

Payroll/ Verification of Employment:

For payroll information and verification of employment, please email mmctimesheets@mmcgrp.com


If you are a new employee of MMC in our onboarding process, please email onboarding@mmcgrp.com

We would love your feedback! feedback@mmcgrp.com

States We Currently Serve

+ Puerto Rico

+ Puerto Rico

To reach one of our other locations, or to inquire about new locations, please contact (972) 215-5040 and we will direct your call!

Email- information@mmcgrp.com

Corporate Headquarters

Toll-Free: 800-779-2505
Direct: 972-893-0100
Fax: 972-573-3428

MMC Group LP
105 Decker Ct, Suite 1100
Irving, TX 75062

Managed Accounts/ Sales:

Dan Budd
Director of Business Development
(972) 215-5052

Tabitha Turner
Director of Managed Accounts
(972) 215-5017

Chris Mitchell
Chief Operating Officer
(972) 893-0100