Non-Technical Recruiting



MMC is a responsive staffing service that provides on-demand non technical professionals and technicians in a wide variety of capacities. Through this service option, MMC provides temporary/contract employees who work on an hourly basis at your facility to supplement or support your existing work force. As part of this service we recruit, screen and administratively manage these employees throughout the life of their assignment. We work with each client on an individual basis to develop a strategy that best suits their current project or personnel needs. MMC’s willingness to provide an immediate response to staffing requirements allows our clients the highest degree of flexibility on both long- and short-term projects, with virtually seamless transitions.

With our staff of qualified resources, MMC has become a leading provider of non technical consultants to fortune 500 companies. Our clients make significant investments in projects such as help desk and/or call centers, collection centers, transaction processing and other types of business processes. As a result, our clients look to MMC to supply the talent they need to help them leverage those investments.

MMC provides personnel on both and individual and project basis. Whether a client’s need is a subject matter expert to evaluate a particular business issue, or a team of individuals to staff a project or a process, MMC is ready to help our clients meet their business goals.

The following table describes some of the key technical disciplines that our clients regularly request.

Non-Technical Disciplines
Accounts Receivable/Payable Inventory Control
Administrative Support Laboratory Technicians
Budget Analysis Loan Administration
Chemical/Fork-lift Operators Mail Room Support
Credit Analysis Order Processing
Customer Care/Call Center Payroll Management
Customer Service Recruiting
Diversity Management Staff Accounting
Executive Support Subject Matter Experts
Financial Analysis And more…
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