Outsourcing Services Contract: A Customer Profile - ACS

In April 2000, the State of Texas Office of the Attorney General - Child Support Division selected ACS and MMC Group L. P. (MMC) to perform the statewide collection and disbursement of IV-D and Non IV-D child support payments. The Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit (SDU) is operated in San Antonio, Texas and is located in facilities on the former Kelly Air Force Base. MMC, a certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) vendor as a subcontractor to ACS began the outsourcing services in June of 2000. The MMC initial scope of work was to provide professional staffing for Data Entry, Customer Service (Call Center) and Exceptions Payment Processing. In these capacities, we have also provided Human Resource supervision and management. As ACS has continued to monitor and assess the work performance of the MMC organization, our outstanding performance has netted MMC with increased responsibilities. ACS has now awarded MMC additional business responsibilities in the areas of Operations Management, Reconciliation, Scan Room and Administration.

The key success factor is - People. Having the "Right People" with the "Right Attitude", at the "Right Price". The resource utilization processes used by MMC have proven to be of great value to ACS. MMC focuses significant effort on the selection of the right people for the job and effectively training and coaching their daily performance.

The MMC and the ACS organizations function as a single team. The MMC Human Resource Manager supports all employees and assists in HR management for the entire unit. MMC turnover ratio has stayed below 12% annually, well below the industry national average. This very successful contract integration process has led ACS to assign more and more responsibility to MMC. The ACS project management team has determined that MMC has the resources and skills needed to assume more responsibility for the contract deliverables and more importantly, at a lower cost than if done internally by ACS staff. Today, MMC is providing the operational staff, team leaders and supervisors for six departments within the operation. As staffing needs continue to change, because of the outstanding performance of the MMC organization, MMC will continue to accept greater responsibility for the deliverables.

John Polk, ACS project director:
"We have enjoyed a fine, cooperative relationship with MMC and have improved the overall quality of our service delivery to our customers as a result of their personnel selections and human resources

Currently MMC staffs 80 employees out of the total staff of 130. As the contract deliverables continue to be rolled out, current projections for MMC responsibilities include staffing at 160 within 12 months.

ACS and MMC have developed a partnership that provides unmatched experience and a winning solution for the Texas Office of Attorney General - Child Support Division.

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